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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bee Infestation in Home

Varney | by Ashton Patis  

There are nearly 100 thousand bees, hundreds of pounds of honey in one country home.


Varney is a abuzz about an unusual home infestation.

There are 80 thousand bees, hundreds of pounds of honey -- and they are all in a one and a half storey home.

Loretta Yates calls it her "sweet mess".

The Varney homeowner discovered honey dripping from her ceiling and knew she had a problem.

The Yates family has been sharing their home with colonies of honey bees and wasps for at least four years.

Yates tells Bayshore Broadcasting News she didn't know what was going on, or how to deal with it -- so she called Saugeen Country Honey.

On Monday, David Schuit with Saugeen Country Honey took down the ceiling, scraped the honey comb and captured at least one queen bee.

Schuit says in his line of work -- he's never seen anything like this.

But, Schuit believes if they capture the queen bees for each colony all the other others will leave.

Yates says she bought the home about 5 years ago and herself along with her husband have been raising their 22 month old son there.

The homeowner says she called her insurance company but they told her they couldn't do anything about it. She adds the problem was too big for pest control.

Yates says she was completely unaware of the problem manifesting -- and she's glad she didn't know.

Bee keeper Schuit says they'll take the honey out and melt down the wax for candles.

The Yates family says they don't usually buy honey -- but they might purchase some from Saugeen Country Honey this year after all.

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