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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Parking Woes in Walkerton

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Hospital staff using Centennial Park spaces, so Brockton sets two hour parking limit.

Brockton is cracking down of those who are illegally parking at Centennial Park in order to avoid the pay parking fees at the Walkerton Hospital.

The municipality is implementing a new two hour parking limit and instructing the Bylaw Enforcement Officer to hand out as many fines as necessary.

The two-hour limit is aimed at targeting Hospital staff and visitors who are parking at Centennial Park which is located across the street from the Hospital.

Neighbours report that many of the vehicles do belong to Hospital staff who are also subject to the Hospital's parking fees.

Brockton is sending a letter to Hospital Administration requesting that they address the parking problem with their employees.

The misuse of Centennial Park's parking lot has generated complaints from park and Tennis Court users who are not always able to find a space.

Parks and Recreation Director Dan Wilken says there is also a health and safety component to the problem.

He says at peak times the overload and misuse of parking restricts access to the entrance of Centennial Park and the Pool for Emergency Services.

It also causes lawn maintenance challenges, as many vehicles park on the grass once the small parking lot is full.

If the new two-hour parking limit and increased enforcement of the Centennial Parking lot doesn't curb the problem, council will have to re-examine the situation and consider alternative methods to restrict parking in this area.


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