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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rallies Against Budget Bull

Regional | by Kevin Bernard  

Two rallies being held in Owen Sound, Mount Forest against Harper Budget Bill. is holding a National Day of Action on Wednesday at Conservative MP's offices to rally Canadians who are concerned about the Federal Budget Bill. is an on-line advocacy organization with about 140 thousand members.

Campaign Director, Mathew Carroll, says some 70 rallies are planned across Canada -- including ones in Owen Sound, and in Mount Forest.

In Owen Sound, Carroll says the protestors will meet at Larry Miller's office at 1131 2nd Avenue East at 5:30 PM.

Another small protest is also set up at Perth Wellington MP Gary Shellenberger's office for 5:30 PM at 248 Main Street in Mount Forest.

Carroll says the Federal Budget Bill -- Bill C-38 -- makes changes to over 70 laws, and has drawn criticism across the political spectrum, including from former Conservative cabinet ministers.

Although voting on some 800 amendments to the omnibus budget bill is already underway is hoping to put pressure on Conservative backbenchers.

Carroll feels there may be enough dissension in Harpers' caucus that the Prime Minister could back down.

The group is calling for 13 Conservative MP's to work together and stop the Bill, split it, and start over.



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