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Sunday, June 10, 2012

No Help for Policing Costs

Brockton | by John Divinski  

Bluewater School Board won't provide funding for police services in Walkerton schools.


The Bluewater District School Board is going to let the municipality of Brockton know that they won't be providing any funding for community policing services in Walkerton schools.

The municipality recently sent a letter to the board, looking for financial assistance to help defray costs for non-residents in the Walkerton schools, particularly the new high school in the community.

Vice-chair Jim Dawson was against the move, saying it would set a precedent for all other municipalities to ask for the same thing when it comes to police resource officers in schools.

Board chair Jan Johnstone says they simply don't have the money and there's none to play with in the budget.

Johnstone will send a letter to Brockton indicating they are not in a position to investigate this matter further.



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