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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Med Students Go On Farm Tour

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

UWO med students will tour Brockton farm operations today.

The Bruce County Federation of Agriculture is celebrating Rural Medicine Discovery Week.

And a special farm tour is taking place in Brockton today for a handful of first year medical students from the University of Western Ontario.

The farm tour will includes stops to a large dairy farm in Greenock Township, a grain elevator cash crop operation near Chepstow and a farm machinery dealership just outside of Walkerton.

Organizer Gail Fullerton says this will give medical students a chance to become better acquainted with farm operations -- including the size of the animals, the chemicals farmers are exposed to, and the heavy machinery they operate.

Medical students will even get a chance to drive a tractor in order to give them a better idea of how powerful these machines really are.

After that, students will meet with Walkerton firefighters to discuss accident scenarios.

Fullerton says many farm related injuries happen in isolated locations and the victims have been left alone for a period of time before treatment, resulting in heavy blood loss or shock.

She says these first responders are going to try to paint a picture of the various farm-related injury scenarios that can happen for the medical students.

The goal is to expose the medical students to the dangers of farming today in order to better prepare them to treat future farm-related injuries in the Emergency Room.



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