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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fire Talks Heat Up

Regional | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton comes up with draft fire deal, West Grey wanrs to keep Elmwood department.

Brockton has drafted a fire service agreement for West Grey as efforts continue to disband the Elmwood Fire Department.

The draft fire service agreement includes a 214 thousand dollar flat fee for service for 2012 that will increase every year by 5 per cent over the five year contract.

Brockton Mayor David Inglis feels the contract is fair.

He says future capital expenditures have been built into this fee for service for both municipalities.

But it's unlikely West Grey will respond positively to the fire service agreement, especially in light of the fact the municipality has indicated it is no longer interested in disbanding the Elmwood Fire Department.

Inglis says Brockton has turned down that request because it came with conditions that Brockton could not agree to.

West Grey Mayor Kevin Eccles says his municipality wanted the Fire Board make up to reflect the 60 / 40 funding split that West Grey and Brockton currently have -- and West Grey covers 60 per cent of the cost.

The proposed 214 thousand dollar fee would represent a 105 thousand dollar increase to West Grey.

West Grey is meeting with the Fire Marshal in the near future to clarify its options.

Brockton will also be meeting with the Fire Marshal at the end of the month.


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