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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brockton Supports DGR Process

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton moves onto phase two of deep geological repository for used nuclear fuel.

Brockton is moving onto the next phase of the proposal for a deep geological repository.

The municipality has passed the initial screening by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization -- and Communication Manager Michael Krizanc says so far so good.

Brockton has met all five of the initial screening criteria needed to host a deep geological nuclear repository for used nuclear fuel.

But Krizanc notes it doesn't mean that there is a suitable rock formation that can safely isolate and contain used nuclear fuel over the long term.

Krizanc says a study will take years and it will require the support of the community.

Brockton Councillor Chris Peabody opposes the project.

He questions the logic in burying nuclear waste in an area rich in agricultural land and so close to one of the largest natural bodies of water in the world -- Lake Huron.

Mayor David Inglis however says he's convinced the science is solid and says Brockton should move forward to the next stage the Feasibility Study.

That will take two to three years to complete.

Inglis adds over that time -- residents will be consulted on the process and have opportunities to voice their opinions.

Brockton and Saugeen Shores are two of 17 communities across Ontario and Saskatchewan that have expressed interest in possibly becoming the host site for the deep repository for used nuclear fuel.


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