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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Emergency Preparedness Week

Regional | by Robyn Garvey  

Fire Departments will educate residents about being prepared for disasters.

Disaster can strike without a moments notice and that's why it's important to be prepared.

This is Emergency Preparedness Week across Canada -- and several fire departments are offering emergency planning and preparedness activities.

Brockton Fire Chief Michael Murphy says they will have public displays, education programs in schools and information brochures.

Murphy says they will especially promote the 72 hour Emergency Kit -- which includes canned food, bottled water, flash lights, batteries, toilet paper, blankets, clothes, a first aid kit and a battery operated radio.

Murphy says no home or business should be without it.

Murphy says the Fire Department wants to ensure all residents have the tools they need in the event of an emergency.

Firefighters will also visit local merchants to inquire if they have an emergency plan and kit.

Murphy feels the better a business is prepared -- the quicker they can return to business as usual following a disaster or emergency.


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