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Friday, May 4, 2012

Former Jail Future Uncertain

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

Bruce County will give Brockton first right of refusal to own former Walkerton jail.

The future of the former Walkerton Jail after it's turned over to Bruce County is still still up in the air.

The county takes ownership of the facility from the province on July 1st.

Once that happens county councillors agree that a letter should be sent to the municipality of Brockton about the possibility of taking over the structure.

County Councillor Larry Kraemer -- the Mayor of Kincardine -- says the people of Brockton would have more of an emotional tie to the jail and that's why he believes they should be the first ones involved in its future.

Warden Dave Inglis was also wearing his mayor's hat saying no matter who ends up with the structure, there's going to be ongoing maintenance costs that will have to be factored in.

Inglis -- the Mayor of Brockton -- says the former jail may be used for something but right now they have no idea what it could be.

County council agreed to send a letter of intent to Brockton.

Inglis says once the municipality receives the letter, the council there will have to get down to serious discussions of the building's future.

He says they need a good plan to know what they're doing with it and a plan to cover the costs for a 145 year old building.

Inglis says you can't just take it and hope something comes along.

The Walkerton Jail was closed by the province in December.


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