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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Frost Hurts Apple Producers

Saugeen Shores | by Jon Meyer  

Smith's Apples and Farm Market says frost will cost 200 thousand dollars in damage.

The warm weather in March and cold snap last week has left an apple grower in Saugeen Shores with a loss of 200 thousand dollars.

Steve Smith -- the owner of Smith's Apples and Farm Market near Port Elgin -- says the dormant buds on his fruit trees came out of dormancy a month too soon because of the unusually warm weather in March.

Then temperatures hit minus nine overnight last week -- and that spelled the end of his orchard this year -- destroying the tender young tissue in the apple buds.

Smith says his entire orchard of five thousand trees usually produces 150 to 200 thousand pounds of apples -- but he doesn't expect to see a single apple this year.

He estimates the loss around 200 thousand dollars.

Smith is not alone though. He says the same phenomenon is happening right across Ontario.

However the grower remains upbeat and will continue to operate his business by selling other fruits and vegetables.

Smith also has a popular corn maze and even some frozen apple pies and crisps from last season.


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