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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sign Plan Causes Uproar

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Merchants in Walkerton upset about proposed sign bylaw.

A sign bylaw in Brockton is creating a lot of controversy in Walkerton.

Downtown merchants are upset over a clause that would require businesses to conform to certain font, scale and colour schemes to go with Walkerton's Historic Downtown theme when replacing or erecting a new business sign.

Merchant Michelle Lang is concerned about the cost businesses will face.

She notes merchants have spent a lot of time and money branding their businesses through logos and advertising -- and changing them would be costly.

Lang claims the proposed bylaw may also discourage future businesses from locating in Walkerton.

The sign fee rates are also expected to rise -- and a number of merchants have expressed concern about the cost as well.

Brockton Council has given the sign bylaw first and second reading.

The new sign bylaw will replace an outdated 1985 Walkerton sign bylaw.

Mayor David Inglis says Brockton is willing to work with merchants on the matter and is optimistic some form of compromise can be reached.



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