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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flying Dutchmen Update

Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff


Ice Oval Results from the Bonnechere Cup on February 24, 25 & 26:

The Bonnechere Cup is one of the most elusive and coveted prizes in snowmobile racing! For the past 38 years, some of the greatest names in snowmobile racing have shaped their careers at this event. The Ice Oval team competed in some of the most competitive races of the season over the weekend of February 24, 25 & 26, 2012.

Combo - Factory 600 vs. Champ sleds

Mike was slow off the start, but quickly worked his way through the pack. His sled was definitely working in the top end. He passed the 131 sled of Champ rider Dustin Gerkhe and then the 72 sled of Felipe Lalonde. He just didn't have enough time to take down the newly purchased sled of 330 Rob Sheppard, but he rode strong to a solid 2nd place finish.

Sport Formula 500

Justin's first race was an exciting one!  Having hardly any seat time, ex-Pro Snowcross rider Justin Parnell was getting pumped as his race quickly approached.  He pulled to the line and quickly set his sights on the checkers. Two laps into the race, a red flag was thrown, causing a restart. Upon the re-start, it was as if something clicked in Parnell's head and he was on the gas. He rode hard for the remaining laps, working his way through the pack, and riding hard into every corner. His team mates were yelling from the sidelines, pumped that their newest rider was out there just hauling. He put it on the box with a 3rd place finish.

Factory 600

The new Factory 600 class had the crowd buzzing. The sleds resemblance to a stock class makes it exciting for everyone to cheer on their favorite manufacturer. The high speeds that compete with champ sleds, along with the loud pipes, and the close competitiveness of riders in the class make it the most exciting new class. The first race was no disappointment; the riders stayed in a close pack for the first few laps, making an insane amount of moves. Van Dolder ran an amazing race, charging and putting his sled through its paces. It was close right up to the checkers when Sheppard inched away leaving 999 Van Dolder with a 2nd place finish.

Semi Pro Formula 500- Heat 1

225 Adam MacDonnell was focused and ready as he pulled up to the line. When the flag dropped, he got his hustle on, dropping it low in the corners. He rode consistent and stayed strong. He held off his competitors for a 2nd place finish, which secured him a front row spot in the final.

Semi Pro Formula 500- Heat 2

Rookie 186, Justin Parnell, was amped for his 2nd ride of the day. With his freshly built 500, he holeshotted and quickly got comfortable at the front of the pack.  He led the entire race right up to the final corner where he was sandwiched for a 3 wide photo finish and held on for 2nd place.

Pro Formula 500

999 Mike Van Dolder was all over the flagman and fired the trigger, pulling an amazing holeshot. Once out front, he found the fastest lines around the track. He stretched out with a huge lead and didn't look back.  He cruised his 999 machine to victory, securing his place in the final.

MacDonnell kept his eyes on his teammate as he piloted his 225 machine around the track. He rode a smart race to a 4th place finish, securing his place in the front row for the final.

Sport Formula 500 Final

After an impressive qualifier, Parnell was ready to haul in the final. A full field of 12 riders presented no problem for rookie Justin on the 186. The packed stayed tight for the first few laps as Justin pushed for the podium. He worked his way up to a 4th place finish.

Semi Pro Formula 500 Final

Hot out of the gate it was 225 MacDonnell and the 186 of Parnell going ski to ski for the 5 lap final. Justin was riding hard on the inside and MacDonnell chose to ride high, pushing wide out of the corner. In the end, Adam had the speed on the straights, but Justin had a better line through the corners. Look out 225, it was Parnell ahead of MacDonnell for a top five finish.

Pro Formula 500 Final

As soon as Mike put his helmet on in the trailer, we all knew he was destined for the checkers. He holeshotted and led the races. He denied 33 when he came a knocking, closing the door and running away with the lead!

MacDonnel rode strong hammering through the corners, making smart moves and not taking any chances. He came across the line with a 6th place finish.

Sunday's Races

Combo - Factory 600 vs. Champ sleds Final

Mike rode an extremely fast race, keeping the crowd on their toes. He battled it out, going ski to ski with the champ sleds on his Factory 600 machine. Sheppard pulled the holeshot, but unfortunately rode too high into corner 2 causing his machine to veer into the bales. Upon the restart, Van Dolder had the muscle and the skill set to power his sled to victory. This is Mike's first victory in the Combo Class!  Way to go, Mike!

Sport Formula 500 Qualifier

Justin pulled a second out of the gate. It took only until corner 3 when he breezed past the leader and held on for a 1st place finish.  Way to go Justin! Congrats on your first victory!

Semi Pro Formula 500 Qualifier

Adam and Justin lined up together for this qualifier. Parnell got a bit trigger happy on his 186 sled resulting in a back row start. Adam enjoyed the front row air as he cruised to a solid 4th place finish, while  Parnell worked his way from his start to a 6th place finish.

Factory 600 Final

Mike was slow out of the gate, but quickly picked up the pace. The racers hammered into corner 2. They rode 3 wide up the backstretch, pipes just a screaming. Sheppard had just a little more top end on the straights. Van Dolder rode smart, strategically waiting for a time to get around Serge Oulette. This earned him a second place finish.

Pro Formula 500 Qualifier

This was the soap opera race of the weekend! 33, Sheppard and Van Dolder rode ski to ski all the way into corner 4. 33 and Van Dolder got around Sheppard and started to pull away from the pack. They were ski to ski deep into corner 4 when 33 tried to saw Mike off. Neither of them let up and Mike had nowhere to go. This resulted in 33 colliding with 999. The bump jarred 33 and he pulled off the track with arms high in the air. The officials decided that this collision was Van Dolder's fault and threw him the black flag. Andrew Darraugh enjoyed this moment as he claimed his first Pro win of the season.

Sport Formula 500 Final

Justin spun out of the gate, but quickly worked his way through the entire pack. He was all the way to an impressive 2nd place position. He was charging for first when a collision occurred behind him, resulting in a red flag. Upon the restart, he charged hard for first. He was forced to throw his arm up when a spark plug failed and he had to surrender the race.

Pro Formula 500 Final

A back row start presented Mike with quite the challenge, but he was ready as he lined up 20 feet behind his 11 other competitors. He wanted the win! He charged hard through the pack quickly picking the off. Out front was the very fast sled of Cole McMicheal. Cole and Mike battled it out, with Mike holding strong and waiting for his opportunity to make a move. By this time, the track was extremely rutted, but Mike found a way.

Results from the Cochrane Gold Cup on February 25 & 26:

It was a cold up north in Cochrane, Ontario the weekend of February 25 & 26. It was -18 Saturday morning and there was an 8 foot base which made for a great track!

Saturday's Results

Chris ran in his pro lite stock class and placed 2nd in his first moto and 3rd in his second moto, which put him front row for the final. Chris had the holeshot and had a great race! Gervais took 1st, Wilson took 2nd, and Chris earned a well-deserved 3rd place podium finish after running a great race! 

Sunday's Results

Sunday's temperature was -22, but the sun was shining.  Chris placed 4th in both of his moto's on the open sled. He had another solid race in the final and ended up with a 5th place finish to wrap up a great weekend!

Snowcross Results from the Sudbury Snowcross Championships on March 3 & 4:

The CSRA circuit and Flying Dutchmen Snowcross Team travelled to Sudbury Ontario over the weekend of March 3rd and 4th. The event was held at Sudbury Downs Slots. Saturday was a blustery day creating lots of snowdust and poor visibility on the track. Sunday was -20 and 30cm of snow accumulated over night!

Saturday's Results

Chris had some great moto's placing 6th twice in his Stock heats. In the final, he was riding strong until the last lap when mechanical problems caused him to not finish the race.

Sunday's Results

Chris started his first moto off on his Open sled and got tangled up with another rider. He got back on his sled and finished 7th. Chris had a tough start with his second moto, but rode through the snowdust and placed 8th. This put Chris in the back row for the final, where he finished 11th.

The Snowcross team's event in Lindsay, Ontario has been cancelled due to lack of snow, so our next event is in Kitchener at the Chicopee Ski Resort March 24-25. See you there race fans!

The Ice Oval team is headed to our final race of the season in Roberval, QC. The points are close with Mike currently leading his 3 classes! The guys have gone over every inch of their machines and they are ready for victory! Also, under much resistance from Adam we have confiscated his Justin Berber sheets and replaced them with checkered flag ones. Suit up MacDonnell, it's time to start dreaming of a victory in Roberval.

The Flying Dutchmen race team would like to thank Liuna, Dayco, Van Dolders Home Team, Fly Racing, Dragon, Coldwave, Gamma Sales, MacDonnell Excavating, Parnell Motorsports, and all of our sponsors for helping to support our team and keep it running! Thank you to the CSRA and a special thanks to the fans that braved the cold and came out to cheer us on! We truly appreciate each of your contributions to this sport!



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