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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DGR Controversial in Saugeen Shores

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

Residents are upset with the education process about a proposed DGR

Concerned citizens filled Saugeen Shores council chambers to overflowing on Monday to voice concerns about any thought of storing used high level nuclear fuel in the community.

Spokesperson Cheryl Grace told council they want to make sure any future education meetings on the issue are balanced.

Grace says that means bring in experts that don't necessarily agree with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) of storing the high level waste in a Deep Geological Repository.

Citizens were concerned that the sell-job had already started when they arrived to find posters on the issue greeting them at the doorway.

Southampton resident Jill Taylor says they haven't been allowed to express any different opinion other than the on the NWMO is, as she put it, "putting down our throats."

Grace says a project like this has never been constructed in the world and here council is considering Saugeen Shores as a home to the high level waste.

Councillor Taun Frosst says there is no way this project would ever go ahead without input from the public.

He even suggested any final decision could very well be a public vote referendum.

But Frosst points out, they are years away from any move such as that and indeed may even be something that is cut off at the pass long before any referendum.

He says council is merely conducting a preliminary investigation to see if the community would be considered as DGR site.

Other communities have also expressed an interest in hosting the site and some communities have already been eliminated due to one issue or another.

The high level waste project is distinct and completely separate from the ongoing work in Kincardine by Ontario Power Generation which wants to construct a facility for management of low and intermediate level nuclear waste at the Bruce Power site.


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