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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flying Dutchmen Racing Results

Regional | by Bayshore News Staff  

Flying Dutchmen race teams invade Manitoulin and Louisville race tracks.

The Flying Dutchmen race teams participated in two exciting events this past weekend. The Ice Oval team competed at the Manitoulin Pro Challenge and the Snowcross team ripped up the track at the International Snocross Louisville. 

Ice Oval Results

Media release

The first round of the Eastern Pro Tour brought everyone to beautiful Manitoulin Island. Volunteers worked hard to bring over a half-mile of track to life. The long straight aways and sweeping corners made for some very exciting racing. Champ sleds, as well as the new Factory 600 class, were reaching speeds of over 100 MPH. The conditions were perfect for spectating as the weather reached a balmy 0 degrees Celsius; a welcome change from the -30 in the year previous.


Combo Qualifier

Felipe Roy-Lalonde grabbed the lead, but our own #999 Mike Van Dolder was on his tail. #131, Gerke, passed for second on the last lap. With speeds of over 100 MPH, Mike quickly made a name for himself up against the always notorious Champ sleds and drivers.
Up again right away was the new Factory 600 Class.

Factory 600 Qualifier

Mike was 3rd off the line and quickly passed #330, Rob Sheppard, to position himself in 2nd. Mike was riding right on Pro Champ driver's gate. He had all the right moves in the corner, but he was lacking the MPH on the backstretch. He ended up with a second place finish!

After a quick sweep break both Van Dolder and MacDonnell lined up together for the first Pro 500 qualifier.

Pro Formula 500 Qualifier #1

It was hard charge off the line which ended up with the boys going 3 wide around the corner. Into the backstretch, it was #09, Cole Mcmichal, leading the pack followed closely by #33, Jocelyn Lesieur. Mike strategically worked his way through the pack passing #33 and finally #09, as Cole struggled with engine difficulty. MacDonnell rode strong the entire race battling it out with #22, Andrew Derraugh, for a hard earned 5th place finish.

The racers had a bit of break, but the crew went right to work trying to get more RPM out of MacDonnell's sled and giving 3 sleds a complete once over.

Formula 600 Final

Mike had trouble getting out of the gate, but quickly used his driving skills to pull himself to 2nd by corner two. Impressing the crowd and fellow racers alike, he kept the pressure on Pro Champ rider Nick Lagoy, riding right on his heels and trying to find a line up, until the checkers earning him a 2nd place finish.

Semi Pro Formula 500 Qualifier #1

Adam MacDonnell battled hard though the pack and was going ski to ski with #22, Andrew Derraugh, right up until the ski to ski photo finish at the end. He placed 5th out of the pack.
Pro Formula 500 Qualifier #2
The boys lined up together once again for the 2nd Pro Formula 500 qualifier. Mike battled and outrode the other riders in Corner 1 to come out 2nd place in the backstretch. The #09 sled of Cole Mcmicheal was fast and was the sled to beat. Mike set his sights on him and was calculating his next move. Cole was pulling away from the pack when he once again had engine difficulties; the first place position went to Mr. Van Dolder. Adam was feeling the need for speed this race - hammering his sled deep into the corners. Battling it out once again with Pro Rider Andrew Darraugh, it was another photo finish at the line. This time Darraugh inched ahead leaving our #225 with a 6th place finish. 


Combo 600 Final
After needing a 2 minute delay due to an ignition issue, Mike and his #999 sled pulled up to the line ready to rip. He came out of Corner 2 third in the pack where he was passed by 440 Champ sled of #131, Dustin Gherke. Serge Oulette managed to hold Mike off through the flat light and dusty corners leaving him with a 4th place finish.
Semi Pro Formula 500 Final
Just prior to the race, Adam checked his lube tank and found it to be empty! After a small pit scramble, we managed to get some lube from Rob Sheppard. Thanks Rob for the last minute save! The final consisted of many fast riders. The back stretch took out one of the competitors causing a red flag. Upon the restart, Adam got a little antsy and jumped the gun sending him to the back row for the final restart. Adam gave it all he had for the five lap final and he ended up with a solid 6th place finish.
Pro Formula 500 Final
Mike grabbed the holeshot and continued to put distance between himself and the pack for the entirety of the race. He rode smooth and confident for all 8 laps, showing the talent of a true professional. He was backed up by his awesome Formula 500 sled, which his crew has worked tirelessly at maintaining. He brought home the weekend's first checkered flag with ease. #225, Adam MacDonnell, rode strong in the pack. He found himself once again duking it out with #22, Andrew Darraugh. Adam rode to a solid 5th place in this final.

 The guys were hard at it Saturday night in the trailer; they went over every rivet on the machines, making sure they were ready for the checkered flags on Sunday! We were hoping to make it to the spaghetti dinner, which was being put on by the local volunteers who organize the event, but we didn't get out of the trailer early enough! Here's hoping we can make it next year!

Combo Qualifier
After a restart, Mike was right on the flag ready to ride. He strategically followed the Pro Champ Sled of #48, Felipe Roy-Lalonde, and Serge Oulette waiting for the right time to make his move. After Felipe went down with engine difficulties, Mike readied himself to charge for the #1 position. He swiftly passed the #14 sled of Mr. Oulette and took the checkers.
Factory 600 Qualifier
A minute hold on the line unfortunately wasn't enough to get the local favorite #330 sled of Rob Sheppard to the starting line. When the flag dropped, Pro Champ rider Nick Lagoy quickly grabbed the lead. Mike was riding hard into every corner, but was unable to find a line around the #7 sled. Mike was forced to settle for 2nd in this qualifier.
Pro Formula 500 Qualifier #1
The #33 sled of Jocelyn Lesieur led the pack off the start with #999, Mike Van Dolder, quick on his tail. A sled into the bales during the 2nd lap led to a red flag and a restart. A staggered start saw Mike quickly trying to make up time for the #1 position. He was finally able to get by #33 deep into Corner 4 with one lap to go. Once out front, Mike was able to stretch his legs and pull away from the pack - taking the checkers with ease!

#225, Adam MacDonnell, narrowly missed getting caught up in the mess that caused a red flag. He shook it off though and prepared for the restart. Once the race was underway he found himself battling it out once again with the #22 sled of Andrew Darraugh. Adam rode a solid race and finished 6th.
Pro Formula 500 Qualifier #2
A bad gate pick resulted in no traction and a slow start off the line for #999, Mike Van Dolder. He was unfortunately unable to make up this time and had to settle for a 2nd place finish.
MacDonnell rode a smooth and steady race for a 5th place finish.
Semi Pro Formula 500 Final
Adam had an amazing ride, after grabbing one of his best starts. He rode 4th for the majority of the 5 lap final. He was passed only on the last lap of the final by #09, Cole Mcmichael. Semi Pro Formula 500 riders take note: the #225 of Adam MacDonnell is sick of hanging around the salad bar - he is ready for the all you can eat Checkered Flag Buffet!!!
Combo Final
Gherke grabbed the holeshot on his #440 Champ sled. #999, Mike Van Dolder, worked his way through the pack passing to Champ sleds on the way. This hard work earned him a well deserved 2nd place finish.

Factory 600 Final
#999, Mike Van Dolder, rode a fast and strong race. He pushed hard for a second, but was unable to attain it by the checkers. He had to settle for a 3rd, behind Pro Champ rider Nick Lagoy and Serge Oulette.
Pro Formula 500 Final

Mike was on the flag, but it took a few laps to close the door on #33, Jocelyn Lesieur and #09, Cole Mcmichael. Once out front, Mike quickly pulled away from the pack. He dominated the Pro Formula 500 class and rode out front until the checkers.

#225, Adam MacDonnell, faced off once again against the #22 of Mr. Darraugh. He rode strong for the entire 8 lap race and landed himself a 6th place finish.

The team would like to thank all of the people who helped to make this race a "go." After the challenging weather we have been having, the track turned out AWESOME! A special thanks to Ron Sheppard and the Sheppard family - we know without your hard work this race would not have happened.
We are hitting the test track over the next week or so. The team is getting geared up for 30th Anniversary at Valcourt, QC. Looking forward to more checkered flags! Hope to see you at the track!

Snowcross Results
The Flying Dutchmen snowcross team competed in a triple crown event in Louiseville, Quebec. The event was full of competitors from the Quebec SCM circuit, New York State, ISOC and CSRA circuits.

On Saturday, our Pro Open class rider, Jeremy Van Dolder, had his work cut out for him with a class of 25 riders competing. Jeremy began the weekend with a 5th place in his moto, which put him in a LCQ (last chance qualifier). Jeremy ran a solid LCQ and finished one position shy of making the final, as they only took the top four to finals.

Our Pro Lite rider, Chris Robertson, also had a tough go with a class of 40 riders in Pro Lite stock and open. Chris started out with a 7th in his first Pro Lite stock moto, which placed him in the LCQ. In the LCQ, Chris finished 9th of 12 riders, but it was not quite enough to get him in the stock final. Chris also ran in the Pro Lite open class on Saturday and obtained a 5th place in his moto, as well as 5th in the LCQ, which didn't get him into the final.

On Sunday, Jeremy placed 5th in his moto and 5th in the last chance qualifier (LCQ). He didn't have the best of luck in his final. On the second lap, he got tipped over and had to pull off the track.

Our Pro Lite rider, Chris, ran strong in his first race on Sunday. He finished 2nd in his Pro Lite stock moto and that put him straight to the final. Chris finished 3rd in his Pro Lite Open moto, which was one position shy of going straight to the final. He was therefore placed in the LCQ, where he finished 5th. Later on Sunday, Chris ran a solid race in the stock final. He placed 8th to finish a solid weekend of racing.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors: Liuna, Dayco, Van Dolders Home Team, Parnell Motorsports, Fly Racing, Dragon, Woody's, SPX, Coldwave, Gamma, Redline Oil, Skidoo and everyone else for all your support!  
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