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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stray Voltage Concerns

Huron East | by Rick Stow  

Ripley resident petitions Council to push for a different route for transmission line.

Resident Dennis Mueller is concerned alleged stray voltage problems in Ripley will be duplicated in Huron East's Grey Ward.

Mueller petitioned councillors on Tuesday to act on behalf of McNabb Line residents and push for a more direct, less-populated route for the proposed St. Columban Interconnection line.

It was just five weeks ago that the 72 McNabb Line residences learned that the proposed wind power transmission line would be strung right along their backdoor steps.

Mueller says only 27 dwellings would be impacted by a transmission line running along Hensall Road and McDonald Line.

He called the Ripley Wind Project a "weather forecast" for the region, and urged Council to endorse a resolution from the Municipality of Aaron-Eldersley.

Mueller told councillors that a recent public meeting in Brussels left him with more questions than answers.

Huron East Deputy Mayor Joseph Steffler chaired the meeting during Mueller's presentation.

Steffler indicated the municipality's hands were tied by the Green Energy Act.

Mueller said residents should prepare themselves against the day the proposed 43 kilometre-long interconnection line comes to be.

He says people living along the route should get a property assessment, have a baseline reading for stray voltage taken now, and get a medical certificate of health.

Mueller tells us the three documents will provide benchmarks of existing conditions before the line is built.


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