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Monday, January 9, 2012

Big Year for Crow's Nest

Tobermory | by Daryl Morris  

Owners of Crow's Nest are ready to have strong 2012 after rebuilding from fire.

The owners of the Crow's Nest pub in Tobermory hope that 2012 will be a good year.

After a devastating fire destroyed the building in November of 2010, Matt Buckley says they managed to open for a shorter season last year.

The business reopened June 30th, with most of their staff coming back.

But Buckley says this year they hope to open by May 1st to have a longer season.

Buckley says the fire was a blow, because he and his wife not only lost their business, but their third floor apartment as well.

He says the restaurant is such an icon in the Tobermory community, that he knew right away they'd have to rebuild it.

Buckley says for the most part they tried to keep the lay out the same, but he says they had an opportunity to make some changes to improve its function as a restaurant.

He says they've kept the pub on the second floor with an outside deck, but they've moved all of the seating onto that second floor.

He says some seating used to be in the main floor deli and pizzeria, which has also been rebuilt.

Buckley says the Crow's Nest was a place he hung around as a teenager, and it meant a lot to him to take over the business.

Now he's hopeful they can come back with a strong 2012 season.


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