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Monday, January 9, 2012

Roads Crews Still Out for Maintenance

Huron County | by Dianne Colgan  

Not alot of snow this winter, but Huron public works department is still hard at work.

There hasn't been much to do on the roads this winter season, but Huron County's public works department is still hard at work.

Director Dave Laurie says the crews may not be out plowing but they're doing lots of regular road maintenance, along with applying an anti-icing liquid to the roads made from beets.

Laurie says they save money when there's a mild start to the winter because they're not out sanding and salting the roads.

But he points out it may be mild now, but the rest of the Winter could be extremely harsh and they might end up doing more in 2012 than in other years.

Laurie says the winter road budget is around three million dollars and two million of that goes into buying the sand and salt.

He says there is a reserve fund ready in case they go over their budget but it's not likely to happen this year due to the mild weather.

Laurie says money they save may go into that reserve fund to make sure there's enough money available for future winters.


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