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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goderich Mayor Looks Back

Goderich | by Rick Stow  

Goderich Mayor Deb Shewfelt says he will not forget 2011.

It's an understatement to say 2011 will be a year Goderich Mayor Deb Shewfelt will not forget.

The Mayor sat down with Bayshore Broadcasting News recently to reflect on August 21st and how a few moments of maelstrom forever affected the community.

Shewfelt says that, on the afternoon of August 21st, he was returning from a municipal association conference in London.

He says first he received the Environment Canada warning on his Blackberry-- then a few minutes later, a frantic call from Town indicating the Square had been wiped out.

It was on the way back to town that he realized formally declaring an emergency would be prudent.

Shewfelt says when he got back to Goderich he could not believe the damage he saw.

The Mayor says it reminded him of a Middle Eastern terrorist attack.

He says the 1995 weather-event was just a dress rehearsal for the August tornado.

Shewfelt says both municipal and corporate partners were quick to come to the community's rescue.

He notes 150 hydro poles had to be replaced before power could be restored.

The Mayor is grateful for the work of the Town's volunteer firefighters.

Shewfelt hopes the Fire Department's recommendation for new radios that interact with those of the other emergency services will be approved in the Town's 2012 budget.


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