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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Condo Project Seeks Approval

Goderich | by Rick Stow  

39 unit condo project in Goderich seeks Huron County approval.

The paperwork on the condominium project at the east end of Bennett Street in Goderich is off to Huron County for approval.

Planner Denise Van Amersfoort tells us the development, just off Huron Road before Suncoast Drive, is to be in seven phases -- with a possible 39 units.

Phase One is under construction on the 4.8 acre property -- eight units are being built.

Van Amersfoort says both neighbours and those servicing the condominium development were consulted.

She says there have been concerns raised -- Canada Post wants a lockbox system for the subdivision and Rail America wants to post some fine print about its trains.

The Town received a letter worried about future volumes of traffic on Bennett Street.

Councillor Jim Donnelly praised the phased development approach.

He says the market will determine how much demand there is for the units.

With condominium construction, approvals are made by Huron County.

The matter came before Goderich Council December 12th for its input.


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