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Friday, November 25, 2011

RONA Move Hits Snag

Goderich | by Rick Stow  

MTO concerned about highway flooding from low lying Goderich property.

RONA's move to the old Dearborn building on Goderich's Highway 21 southern outskirts has hit a snag.

The Ministry of Transportation is holding things up.

The MTO is worried about potential highway flooding from the low-lying property, and wants a storm water management plan in effect for the whole Industrial Park before it gives the nod.

The Ministry's reluctance may finally force resolution of a 35 year old problem.

The property was originally developed in the mid-1970's, when storm water management was not part of the site plan agreement process.

Nearby development has worsened the run-off problem and future adjacent projects may further compound the issue.

The developer will front the costs of required retention ponds and/or berms, but wants compensation from the municipality for work which may benefit the Town and/or other future tenants of the Industrial Park.

Negotiations between the Town and the developer, Intervivos Investments, are continuing.


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