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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Council Votes Against Fee Hikes

Goderich | by Rick Stow  

Huron County plans to increase planning fees set in 2012, Goderich opposed to idea.

Huron County's proposed Planning Fee increases got a rough ride at Goderich Council.

Councillor Michele Hansen says members want the County to put off planned hikes for another year.

County Planner Monica Walker-Bolton presented a draft of what those fees may look like come January 2012.

Increases range from 200 to two thousand dollars-- for example, variances jump 400 dollars a pop to 14 hundred dollars, and there is a new charge for projects developed in phases.

The County gets about two-thirds of the revenue with the municipality retaining the rest.

Among fees levied by the County and collected through the municipality are charges for processing Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments, sub-division or condominium levies, extensions, final approvals and exemptions.

Councillor Hansen says this is the wrong time to look at hiking fees.

A County working group has been looking at boosting planning and development charges, which were last set in 2005.

The working group follows a formula which factors processing time and input costs minus overhead.

Clerks and treasurers have reviewed the document and it is now coming before member councils in the County.

Councillor Michele Hansen's motion to ask Huron County to defer the increases for a year in order to allow the community to recover was approved.


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