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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bag Tags Cost More, Look Same

Owen Sound | by Daryl Morris  

Owen Sound Council approves $2.50 fee, and the tag will remain the same.

It will be your last 2-dollar bag of garbage you put on the curb in Owen Sound today.

Council has voted to increase the price of bag tags by fifty cents, to $2.50 per bag.

And the price change takes effect immediately, which means if you're on your last tag, you will pay two-fifty at City Hall and other vendors today.

But they will still be the same pink and blue tags you're used to, as council voted on the second of two options presented last night.

Mayor Deb Haswell says it just makes sense, as the city does have an inventory of those bag tags left.

She says some people may have hoarded their tags, but in the end this is the easier choice as it was the main complaint she heard from residents.

Haswell says she heard very little backlash on the actual price increase.

But resident Sharon Skelley disagrees.

Skelley came to council last night asking them to reconsider increasing the price.

She says the Mayor has been talking to the wrong people if she doesn't think too many are upset about having to pay more.

Skelley also points out that bag tags were not originally introduced as a source of revenue, but rather to encourage recycling and waste diversion.

Mayor Haswell agrees with that point, but adds this council has to start doing business differently, and she believes taxpayers are very understanding of that.

She says there are a number of other issues to consider, including the loss of a landfill and the revenue that generated in the past.


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