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Friday, October 21, 2011

Huron OFA Wants Repairs

Huron County | by Rick Stow  

Huron Federation of Agriculture offers landlord a repair list.

The Huron County Federation of Agriculture has given its landlord a repair list.

The local Federation rents the former Tuckersmith Municipal Office in Vanastra from the present Municipality of Huron East.

In 2010 the Municipality signed a four-year lease agreement with the Huron County Federation of Agriculture.

The Federation is willing to put its own money up for some of the renovations needed to the interior structure and it wants the municipality to pick up the tab for other aspects of the repairs.

When completed, a renovated boardroom in the facility could be used for Ontario Federation of Agriculture training workshops.

The office is drafty and the heating is electric -- a formula for expensive heating bills which total five thousand dollars annually.

The Huron County Federation proposes to fix up the boardroom and help convert the building to natural gas.

It wants the municipality to pick up the tab for new insulation and new siding.

The local federation has no complaints over the rent.

It pays 140 dollars a month over the four years of the lease.

Council would also have to move the water-damaged Tuckersmith village records and a Chubb safe from the premises and perhaps tear down a storage shed.

Huron East considers the Tuckersmith office project as a contribution to Economic Development in the municipality.

Council members voted to include the work in the 2012 budget.


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