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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Businesses Staying Positive

Goderich | by Dianne Colgan  

Goderich businesses and building owners are working hard to keep Square going.

The Huron Chamber of Commerce is impressed with the quick turnaround some of the tornado-affected businesses have had in Goderich.

Chair Gary LaRose says there's been an overwhelming amount of positive attitudes from store and building owners who are still facing damage almost two months after the tornado.

LaRose says even with the fall weather finally showing up and winter on the way -- stores are working to re-locate or re-open without worrying about timelines.

He says they've had lots of good news from the businesses located in buildings that have to be torn down -- almost all of them are hoping to re-open in that location when it's rebuilt.

LaRose sees good things for the future of the business community, as they look to rebuild and reopen their stores.

He says everyone has really come together since the tornado and that cohesive-ness is something that will likely stick around when all is said and done.


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