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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ideas for Downtown Hanover

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Golf carts, rickshaws, more trees and park benches, standard hours are ideas.

Hanover residents and merchants have big plans for the downtown.

A recent public meeting to discuss the matter resulted in a number of creative recommendations on how to revitalize the downtown core.

Mayor Kathi Maskell calls the brainstorming session the first step on a long road towards downtown revitalization.

Maskell says the goal is to make Hanover's downtown more vibrant, beautiful and social.

Everything from alternative modes of transportation such as golf carts and rickshaws to better bike paths and more parking spaces will be explored.

There is also a desire to see an increase in downtown residential units to give the downtown a stronger social core.

Maskell notes the downtown core is currently seen by many as a concrete jungle -- so residents want more trees and park benches.

Some residents have recommended that Hanover look to Collingwood and Orangeville for ideas.

The public also voiced a desire to have downtown business adopt standard hours of operation in order to better compete with the big box stores.

Maskell says thanks to the input from the public -- Hanover is now going to form a committee made up of members of the public and council to tackle these very issues.


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