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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Outdoor Classroom

Southampton | by John Divinski  

Students take part in Walkathon to raise funds for new outdoor classroom at GC Huston.

The students and staff at G. C. Huston elementary school in Southampton have a dream and they're going after it.

At a news conference held by four members of the student council on Friday, the new Outdoor Classroom was unveiled plus plans for a kick-off walk-a-thon fundraiser.

Grade 8 student Thomas Forsyth says the idea is to use all of the assets near the school such as Fairy Lake in order to study the environment.

The new classroom will help achieve that.

Grade 8 student Tara Campbell says they need to raise 50 thousand dollars for the classroom and the students are doing that with an all night walkathon around Fairy Lake on Friday.

Grade 7 student Tina Khordehi says the walkathon is just the beginning of school fundraisers but they also have plans of reaching out into the community, looking for support from businesses and organizations.

Grade 8 student Nolan Kewageshig says the outdoor classroom will be located next to the school's community garden which will allow students to examine more closely the environment surrounding them.

G. C. Huston school principal Dan Russell says the unique classroom will be dome-shaped and will have wind openings on four parts of the dome for natural ventilation.

Russell says the dome will have seating for an entire classroom so it can be used for outdoor instruction but still directly connected to the outdoor environment.

He says it also have a bonfire area and an area for crafts and arts outside the classroom as well as inside the classroom.


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