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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bio Power Plan for Meaford

Meaford | by James Greensmith  

Partners Energy Group presents 50 million dollar plan to turn waste into energy.

The Municipality of Meaford is exploring a joint venture into bio-mass energy.

At Tuesday's Council meeting -- Partners Energy Group presented a preliminary plan for a 10 megawatt bio-power generation unit to be constructed.

Partners Energy Group Managing Director Kevin Alexander says this would be a one of a kind project for Ontario.

He says the unit can convert manure, feed stocks and household waste into energy that can be put back into the grid through Ontario's Feed In Tariff (F.I.T.) program.

He says this gasification process is virtually emission free -- and can burn off 240 tonnes of waste per 24 hours...turning it into inert ash.

Alexander explains this would be a shared public and private venture, with Meaford owning 51 per cent of the share.

The entire project is estimated to cost 46 million dollars, and Alexander says Meaford would pay half of that with profits from the F.I.T. program over 20 years.

At this stage...Meaford CAO Frank Miele will make an application to the Ontario Power Authority to determine if there is enough grid capacity for the project.

Meaford must also approve a 51 thousand dollar fee for 51 per cent ownership -- which will be refunded if the project is not approved by the OPA.


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