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Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Walkway At Durham Hospital

Durham | by John Divinski  

Durham Hospital is now linked to medical clinic with a covered walkway to the hospital.

The Durham Hospital is now linked to the medical clinic with a covered walkway to the hospital.

However President and CEO of South Bruce Grey Health Centre, Paul Davies says there is one glitch.

The link that was poured between the hospital and the clinic is not curing as well as it could.

Davies says as a result the 12-foot wide walkway, along with a nearby hospital foundation office don't have the sheet flooring in yet.

He says they're waiting until the moisture content goes down or they would end up replacing any flooring that would be put down.

However, Davies says the portion of the clinic addition and hospital that was dependant on the grant from the federal government has been completed.

Meanwhile, the hospital has elected to re-generate the whole building and that will be done as money becomes available.

Changes to the registration and waiting room areas of the hospital should be completed shortly.


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