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Thursday, October 6, 2011

GBFS Optimistic on Summerfolk

Owen Sound | by Daryl Morris  

A shortfall in funding threatens the event, and hurt the search for a new Artistic Director.

With news spreading that Owen Sound's Summerfolk Festival may not be held, organizers admit it might make it tough to find a new Artistic Director.

Georgian Bay Folk Society President Ruth Parsons admits the bad news could hamper their search efforts.

But Parsons adds they wanted to get the story out to the community to drum up support.

She says cultural events aren't always priority number one for governments, and people have to understand that sometimes they need to give a little extra support to something that is a benefit to the community.

Parsons believes that Summerfolk not only helps the local economy, but also gives people a good feeling just from having music in their lives.

She adds some people may lose confidence after hearing the bad news, but she is still optimistic the community will rally to support the event, and that we will see Summerfolk return in the summer.

You can do that by making a donation or purchasing a membership with the Folk Society, or by purchasing Summerfolk tickets early.

As Bayshore Broadcasting News told you first -- the Folk Society needs to raise 25 thousand dollars before mid-December if there is any hope of holding the popular music and crafts festival in 2012.

Parsons says that money will get them through to spring, when she hopes they'll be able to pick up some grant money and renew sponsorships.

This past year, the Folk Society received about 55 thousand dollars in grant money, and 27 thousand in corporate sponsorships.

She's hoping to raise that total by an additional 10 thousand dollars this year.

Parsons says while gate sales at Summerfolk were up this past August, the severe weather had a devastating impact on revenue, as people were leaving early without spending money like they usually would.

There were also additional equipment costs incurred to contend with the intense downpour and high winds.


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