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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Limiting Dunes Growth

Southampton | by John Divinski  

Snow fencing and grass planting will be done to limit the growth of Southampton dunes.

It may not be what the Southampton Residents Association had hoped for -- but Saugeen Shores is going to do some work on the dunes issue in Southampton.

The Director of Public Works Stuart Doyle says the town will soon install snow fencing and the planting of dune grasses to limit the growth of dunes between Bay and Island Streets in Southampton.

Doyle says the snow fencing will go up this Fall and the dune grasses will be planted either this Fall or next Spring. 

Members of the Southampton Residents Association have met several times with town officials asking to the height of the Chantry Dune system lowered, as it obstructs their view of the lake and the island.

Town council learned that to take drastic actions to lower the dunes would be cost-prohibitive and would need the permission of First Nations, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Saugeen Conservation Authority.

Southampton Ward councillor Thead Seaman says something has to be done but with so many rules to follow, their hands are tied.

Seaman says when he was a kid, he remembers biking on a sidewalk in the area.

He believes that sidewalk is now buried under five feet of sand dune.



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