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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tornado Damage Estimate: $75 Million

Goderich | by Peter Jackson  

Goderich Mayor expects the figure to rise above 75 million dollars.

We now have a preliminary estimate of the damage caused by the tornado that struck Goderich one month ago.

Property Claims Services Canada says insurable damage comes to 75 million dollars.

Goderich Mayor Deb Shewfelt believes the number is on the low side.

He tells us many claims have yet to be processed and he's also looking at infrastructure damage and the loss of many trees in the core area.

The organization says thousands of claims have been filed for homes, businesses and vehicles destroyed by the tornado and accompanying large hail.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada expects the recovery process to take some time because of the widespread extent of the claims.

The availability of skilled tradespeople is also an issue.

IBC says insurers are also working with owners of heritage homes and buildings in Goderich to help preserve the community's history.


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