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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Further Study for Dog Park

Goderich | by Rick Stow  

Town Staff and Residents strike committee to review Goderich Dog Park

Doggie-doo may not be the biggest issue on Goderich Council's plate at the moment, but a portion of the regular meeting of September 12th had been set aside for public input on the community's temporary Dog Park.

Members heard presentations from two residents speaking on behalf of neighbours living in the vicinity of the present temporary dog park.

Concerns were expressed that the facility is noisy, the park has no set hours of operation, dogs run at will, and adjusting the roadway leading to the temporary site will be costly -- if it is selected as a permanent location.

Residents also questioned the aesthetics of the site, with some suggesting it be moved south from its present temporary location at the beach.

There were recommendations from both neighbours and dog owners that the park needs to be double-gated.

The dog owners think "poop and scoop" is difficult without regular mowing and maintenance.

In the end, all were in agreement that a committee of municipal staff and the public be struck to investigate all possible sites for a Dog Park in the community.

Councillors passed a motion to the effect, and the Town will advertise for people interesting in being members of the committee.


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