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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Schools Under Review

Regional | by Rick Stow  

Colborne and Holmesville Public Schools will be under accommodation review.

An uncertain future faces two AMDSB elementary schools in Northwest Huron.

The Avon-Maitland District School Board has voted to hold an "accommodation review" of Colborne and Holmesville Public Schools.

The Northwest Huron area came under consideration because all public schools in the region-- with the exception of GDCI Elementary are seeing enrolments fall every year.

Accommodation Reviews are mandated by the Province to determine the best use of school space, and may result in one of three possible outcomes.

Board trustees can decide to keep the status quo.

They may decide on internal restructuring at a school or schools.

They may decide to close a school or schools and bus the students elsewhere.

The process will take until April or May.

Trustees must examine data relating to the issue and assess the logistics of any proposed changes.

The investigation is a public process involving community meetings.

There are mold issues at Colborne School, and its pupils are temporarily attending Victoria Public School in Goderich.

Holmesville Public School is deemed "under-utilized" according to a provincial formula.

Trustees decided not to look at Brookside Public School at this time.

Brookside Public borders on Bruce County and receives students from the Bluewater School Board.

Brookside could still be impacted by the review as trustees could decide to send additional students there.


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