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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wind Concerns Rally Planned

Clinton | by Rick Stow  

Wind Concerns Ontario will be in Clinton to demonstrate against wind turbines.

Opponents of the Ontario government's Green Energy Act will vent their concerns in Clinton.

A rally is planned for Thursday September 8th.

John Laforet -- the President of Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO) -- will address supporters at 6 PM on Thursday.

The gathering will be held in the park one block north of Highway 11 near the Clinton Library.

Wind Concerns Ontario will make its opposition to the proliferation of wind turbines and the province's Green Energy Act an election issue in the coming Ontario provincial vote.

As WCO did recently in Stratford, the group plans to parade past the incumbent Liberal's campaign office in the community following Laforet's address.

Laforet is a former Liberal riding association President who is endorsing PC candidates in the October 6th vote, as he says the party is the only one clearly in support of a wind power moratorium.

The president of WCO says, "This is the defining issue in rural Ontario and we've got to make sure this is the defining issue of this election."

He is encouraging WCO members to campaign in Clinton following the speeches and demonstration.

Campaigning is slated from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

The coalition against the government’s wind energy policy claims to represent 58 community groups spread across the province.

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