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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First School Day in Goderich

Goderich | by Dianne Colgan  

Goderich Public School provides a forum for students who want to share tornado stories.

Goderich Public School is reassuring parents ahead of today's first day of school in the wake of the tornado two weeks ago.

Principal Debra Gill says the staff has been taking information sessions regarding how to deal with trauma in the class room and how to keep kids safe.

She says if children need some space to re-collect themselves after moments of stress or anxiety, it will be provided as well as help from professionals.

Gill says the economic impact from the tornado is likely still affecting some families and she wants to make it clear that school supplies have been donated and can be found at the school.

She says the response from other communities has been overwhelming and if parents find they need help for their children, it can be provided.

Gill says they will have time for students to share stories about their experience with the tornado but not everyone has to participate if they are uncomfortable.

She notes the staff may have also experienced setbacks due to the tornado, but they are all working together to provide a safe learning experience for the children.


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