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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goderich Hydro Debunks Rumours

Goderich | by Dianne Colgan  

Goderich Hydro will not charge customers for time spent without hydro after tornado.

Goderich Hydro will not be charging customers for their time spent without hydro after last Sunday's tornado.

This after some customers were concerned that the Time-of-Use billing system would still charge them for time spent not using hydro.

Jeanette Walker from Goderich Hydro says they're not even using time-of-use billing and no customer will be billed for the time that they didn't have hydro.

She says smart meters have been installed but they're still just taking monthly reads.

Walker says when the power goes off, the meter stops running so there is no way that Goderich Hydro customers will be paying for time spent not consuming hydro.

She says they'll make sure everyone knows beforehand when they switch to time-of-use billing.

Walker tells us that almost fifty percent of the town had their hydro back by the day after the tornado and it's just a few buildings and homes that may have safety concerns that won't get hydro back yet.


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