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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emergency Remains in Goderich

Goderich | by Travis Pedwell  

Mayor says they are being cautious and will keep state of tornado emergency in place.

The State of Emergency remains intact for Goderich.

Mayor Deb Shewfelt tells Bayshore Broadcasting News they are being cautious and decided to keep the state in effect after a meeting on Wednesday.

Shewfelt says they received many reports and have decided to extend the emergency for another week.

He tells us during the State of Emergency all volunteers are covered under workers compensation.

Shewfelt feels it's important to keep the emergency in place while there are still many buildings around the square with loose bricks.

He tells Bayshore Broadcasting News reports on whether some buildings are safe won't be available until next week.

Shewfelt notes barring any major setbacks next Wednesday -- the emergency should be lifted.

He says the town would like to get rid of some of the debris down by the square as well.

Shewfelt tells us the municipality is already starting to cut back on security and volunteers.

Shewfelt notes there will be another meeting on Friday with more reports.

Shewfelt tells us the beaches and the rest of the town are open.

But He adds for now the square is the only place off limits.

An F3 tornado hit Goderich on Sunday August 21st, killing one person and injuring nearly 40 other people.


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