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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making Progress in Goderich

Goderich | by Travis Pedwell  

Mayor says more people have hydro, union gas and they may be able to open Square.

After the F3 Tornado that devastated Goderich just a week ago -- things are starting to look up for the community.

Mayor Deb Shewfelt tells Bayshore Broadcasting News hydro has been restored to almost 100 per cent in functioning buildings.

He says there is the odd buildings that need some repairs on the receptors.

Shewfelt notes union gas has indicated by Wednesday, most residents will be able to have warm showers as the gas will be back on.

He says the Public works department is currently working on getting the debris off the streets -- but are making great progress.

Shewfelt says the state of emergency is still in place for now -- but after the meeting on Wednesday it could change.

He says officials will meet at 3 PM Wednesday to discuss re-opening portions of the square which will have one to two businesses opening back up.

Shewfelt adds the state of emergency depends on whether they can get bits of the square opened and whether they can clean the core up.

Shewfelt says from what he's heard residents in Goderich are very surprised of the progress being made.

He notes it is amazing how fast front line workers and emergency crews have moved.

Shewfelt says the next step is to focus on buildings that are in terrible shape.

He also gives credit to all the volunteers at the salvation army who are putting together one thousand to 15 hundred meals a day to feed workers and those effected by the tornado.

Shewfelt adds the volunteers have come from all over.


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