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Monday, August 29, 2011

Funds for Heritage Buildings

Goderich | by Dianne Colgan  

Special fund earmarked for destruction of homes and buildings in Goderich.

A special fund designed to earmark dollars for destruction of heritage homes and buildings in Goderich is getting up and running.

EdgeFund was created after a generous donation from a former Huron County resident in the wake of last week's deadly tornado.

Co-ordinator Paul Carroll says this will include designated heritage buildings and non-designated buildings and areas, such as parks, trees or natural environment.

Carroll says this fund is officially run by the town of Goderich and money will be doled out according to the Ontario Disaster Relief Committee -- but it will be earmarked for specific heritage needs.

He says there's so much history in Goderich and officials need to take a step back before bulldozing down buildings that may be able to be restored.

Carroll says they've brought engineers in that specifically deal with historical buildings and there are many cases where a building could be saved instead of torn down.

To donate to the EdgeFund you can go to or you can send them directly to Town Hall on West street.


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