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Friday, August 26, 2011

Rebuilding in Goderich

Goderich | by Bayshore News Staff  

OPP fully re-open highways, Goderich forms two committees to help rebuild.

Another positive step in the recovery from Sunday's devastating tornado in Goderich.

Huron OPP have now re-opened Highways 21 and 8 in the town -- both highways re-opened to through traffic only at 11 PM on Thursday.

Police do not want motorists to stop along the highways to view the tornado damage.

That will impede traffic and emergency crews who are still cleaning up debris from the storm.

A number of local streets in Goderich remain closed -- and motorists caught driving on those roads will be charged.

Goderich CAO Larry McCabe also notes at least 95 per cent of the town should have hydro back by the end of Friday. 

McCabe says they took a big step forward in creating the Ontario Disaster Relief committee because they'll now be able to accept applications and approve funding help.

He says private businesses and residents will all be able to apply for funding help to cover anything that insurance companies may not.

McCabe tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the relief assistance committee of six people will work very closely with town Council and Staff.

He says the disaster relief committee will be setting up bank accounts with the town and will among other things receive funds and give receipts.

The group consists of people with business experience, financial background, negotiating skills and a gender balance.

Duncan Jule, Tom Jasper, Jane Dawson, Doran Love, Peter Shephard, and Mary-Beth Alexander will make up the group.

McCabe calls it a great group of people.

The municipality has also decided to form a second committee that will give recommendations of the future of the square and report back to Council.

McCabe says Goderich lawyers Greg Stewart and Richard Ottewell have dedicated their time to help out.

Council is a little worried that many business owners may take the insurance money and leave the area.

McCabe says the two lawyers will review in town businesses effected by the tornado.

McCabe adds some business owners have already been able to get into their buildings on the Square to get important items out.

He says many of the restaurants went in with the help of the Health Unit to check on their food items and get rid of everything that was salvageable.



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