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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kite Surfing Concerns

Wasaga Beach | by Keith Holland  

Wasaga Beach resident expresses concerns over the expansion of kite surfing zone.

Cottage goers and long time residents at Allenwood Beach in Wasaga Beach have had to deal with some close encounters with kite surfers over the past few weeks after the expansion of their surf zone into prime swimming waters.

Though no one has been severely injured yet -- one resident, Fabio Moressi, has been his nephew hurt after a collision with a kite surfer and wants to see a safe resolution that benefits everyone involved.

The matter was brought up at the last Wasaga Beach Council meeting but a solution has yet to be found between Allenwood residents, the kite surfers, and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The Ministry expanded the surf zone without consulting the many people who use the beach this year, resulting in some friction between the groups and confusion as to who actually owns and controls that area of the beach.

Moressi would like to hold a meeting with all parties involved where the cottage dwellers can have their voice heard on what has become an important matter for many who live near Allenwood Beach.


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