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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bridge Remains Closed

Blue Mountains | by Kevin Bernard  

Environmental Assessment will be done on future of Clendenan Bridge in Clarksburg.

The Clendenan Bridge remains closed in Clarksburg, and it could be a year before it re-opens to traffic -- if ever.

Blue Mountains Director of Engineering, Reg Russworm says Council has decided to do a full Environmental Assessment on the bridge, and has set aside 75 thousand dollars for the project.

The bridge was closed to traffic last month, after an inspection showed a significant portion of the bridge abutment had failed.

Russworm says it remains open to pedestrians and cyclists, but will not re-open to vehicles until it is repaired or replaced.

It means a detour of a couple of kilometers but the cost of upgrading to a full weight bridge will likely top one million dollars.

Russworm says as part of the Environmental Assessment, the town will get feedback from residents on the value of the bridge and whether it should be repaired, upgraded to a better bridge, or abandoned and removed.

The Director of Engineering says the hearing process will take several months and it could be late 2012 or early 2013 before it actually re-opens.

No dates have been set for any public hearings on the Clendenan bridge.


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