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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lyme Disease Easy to Get

Goderich | by Peter Jackson  

Lyme Disease is easy to get, hard to treat.

Lyme Disease is among the most misunderstood illnesses and treatment for it is difficult to come by in Canada.

Julie Roelandt of Goderich contracted Lyme Disease several years ago and has seen complications from her original exposure to the illness.

Appearing on this weekend's edition of Lake Huron Today on 104.9 the Beach -- Roelandt tells us you can pick up Lyme through something as simple as a walk in the woods.

Lyme disease is spread by tick bites and the insect injects bacteria into the human host as it draws blood.

Complications arise through what are called co-infections which make Lyme extremely difficult to treat.

Roelandt notes that it can take time for complications to make themselves known.

It can often take weeks or months for symptoms to present themselves.

Symptoms can vary widely and different patients can experience vastly different effects of Lyme.

Roelandt says her search for treatment was frustrating.

She tells us she was finally diagnosed by a specialist in infectious diseases after visiting five specialists in specific medical fields who were unable to pin down what she was suffering from.

Sarnia area resident Christine Heffer appeared before Huron County Council in June to drum up awareness of Lyme disease.

Sarnia-Lambton Tory MPP Bob Bailey plans to present a petition in the Legislature this fall in an effort to spur recognition and treatment of Lyme Disease.


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