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Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Project Saves You Money

Regional | by Catherine Thompson  

New solar program that could save you thirty to fifty percent on your hydro bill.

There's a new solar program in our area that could save you thirty to fifty percent on your hydro bill.

It's a solar powered attic vent that is being offered to 250 homes in Collingwood and about 25 in Wasaga Beach at no cost to the homeowner, except about a hundred dollars for installation.

Collus Power has joined forces with Wasaga Distribution, PowerStream, Orangeville Hydro and St. Thomas Energy.

Collus President and CEO, Ed Houghton, who came up with the project idea, says the solar attic vent will take the hot air out of the attic and will mean you can turn on your air conditioner later in the morning and turn it off earlier in the afternoon.

Houghton says this will mean fewer kilowatt hours, but also a longer life for your roof and fewer shingles going to landfill so it's better for the environment.

He adds the panels themselves are free to the homeowner in exchange for allowing the electricity companies and college students monitor your hydro use since this is a pilot project.

No matter if you live in Wasaga Beach, Collingwood or other Simcoe  County municipalities involved in this program, you can call a central phone number to arrange for installation.

The number is 1-866-337-8089.


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