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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wind Turbine Moratorium Support

Lambton Shores | by Peter Jackson  

Lambton Shores is adding its voice to the wind development controversy.

The Municipality of Lambton Shores is adding its voice to the wind turbine development controversy.

Lambton Shores Council this week voted to impose a moratorium on further wind-farm ventures.

Mayor Bill Weber says Council has responded to concerned ratepayers in voting for the moratorium.

A delegation to Council has noted its concerns about provincial approval of developments in the Thedford and Forest areas and claims of health problems experienced by people who live near turbines.

The Thedford wind farm will boast 150 turbines while the Forest development calls for 100 towers.

Weber says there's another major reason for the moratorium which centres on provincial legislation.

Council takes issue with the Green Energy Act -- part of which takes decision-making power on green energy projects out of the hands of municipalities.

Weber admits not everyone is on the same page on Council's decision.

He says rural property owners derive extra income from the placement of turbines on their properties and that striking a balance between the two sides of the issue is difficult.

The lone holdout voting against the moratorium was Councillor Martin Underwood of Forest who says Council shouldn't be making decisions that potentially affect the income of property owners.

Underwood however shares his Council colleagues' views in opposing the Green Energy Act.

Lambton Shores joins 76 other Ontario municipalities including Central Huron in asking the province for a second look at the pace of wind turbine development.


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