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Sunday, August 7, 2011

No Blue Green Algae

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Lake Rosalind remains the picture of health despite hot stagnant weather.

Lake Rosalind remains the picture of health despite the recent hot stagnant weather.

Brockton Councillor Chris Peabody credits lake residents as well as Mother Nature for this success.

Peabody says they have a strong education program and residents have refrained from using lawn fertilizers, which contributed to blue green algae growth.

The lack of rain has also meant less run off into the lake.

If you remember last summer -- residents were not allowed in the water at Lake Rosalind at two different times due to blue green algae.

There was a ‘Do not use, bath, swim and water ski’ ban.

Brockton is currently in the process of developing a fertilizer ban on the lake to ensure this doesn't happen again.

In the meantime -- residents are asked to continue to refrain from using fertilizers.

Blue green algae produces a toxin that can cause health risks to those exposed to large quantities.

It can also cause eye, ear, throat and skin irritations to those who bathe or swim in it.


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