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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sewage Concerns in Kincardine

Kincardine | by John Divinski  

Residents call for action after sewage spills into homes during heavy rain.

When we get a good downpour like we have this Spring and Summer, some people worry about leaky roofs.

But some Kincardine residents worry about sewage belching into their homes.

Shirley and Balfour McLean of Golf Course Trail near the Huron Ridge subdivision are tired of cleaning up other people's sewage.

In a presentation to Kincardine council, the McLean's say everytime there's a big storm, they have to worry about their cottage being inundated with raw sewage.

Shirley McLean says the sewer line along their road is too small to facilitate the amount of sewage coming from a much larger drain from Huron Ridge.

McLean says in the past they have spent over 30 thousand dollars to repair damage, only to have it happen again during the torrential rain the area received on May 28th.

Among other things, she asked council to loosen nearby manhole covers that have been bolted down as per a Ministry of Environment directive.

McLean says before,  the manhole covers would blow and the sewage would spew onto the ground but now with no pressure release, the sewage comes into their cottage.

Kincardine CAO John deRosenroll says council will be dealing with this issue in detail in September but should a rainstorm ensue prior to that, a Plan B is in place.

deRosenroll says they will have sewage pumping trucks at the ready at the pumping station just taking the sewage out and transporting to the lagoons.

If that fails, deRosenroll says they will unseal the manhole lids to relieve the pressure.

Residents wants the manhole covers to be unsealed now rather than wait for the next storm.


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