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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Horwath Fights Jail Closure

Walkerton | by John Divinski  

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath vows to keep Walkerton and Owen Sound jails open.

An Ontario NDP government is prepared to keep the Walkerton and Owen Sound jails open.

Standing in front of the Walkerton Jail on Cayley Street on Friday, it didn't take long for Horwath to weigh in on the Liberal decision to close the jail.

She says without any public discussion the McGuinty Liberals have arbitrarily decided the Walkerton and Owen Sound jails should close this fall.

Horwath says the real pity is that the move makes no financial sense that she can see.

Alicia Cliffe of Lucknow is a correctional officer in Walkerton and she says the closure means her family of four have to follow the money.

Cliffe says she's the main bread winner and they have no choice but to move to Penatanguishine.

Horwath says Walkerton doesn't deserve the economic consequences that will come with the closure and her government would keep the facility open, "plain and simple."

She also issued an invitation to Premier McGuinty to visit Walkerton and talk to the people to see what the jail means to the community.


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