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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pictures of Harrison Park

Owen Sound | by James Greensmith  

You are asked to donate your pictures of Harrison Park to a new book project.

Residents are being encouraged to share photos and memories about Harrison Park in Owen Sound.

Author Richard Thomas is putting together a picture book to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the City taking over the park, which takes place next year.

The Ginger Press in downtown Owen Sound is hosting a Community Picture Night from 4 PM to 7 PM Thursday night.

Thomas will collect photos and written anecdotes for possible inclusion in the book.

Thomas says they'll be looking for photos from all generations -- the more unique the better.

He notes many people likely have photos of the park stashed away somewhere -- and may not even know it.

Thomas adds these photos and memories are part of our shared history as Owen Sounders.

The book will be out in advance of the park's 100 year anniversary next summer.

Thomas says he's looking for about 120 photos -- and he already has quite a few from John Harrison -- a member of the family that owned the park before it was sold to the city in 1912.

The book will be titled 100 Years Of Pleasure: The Story of Harrison Park 1912 - 2012.

A limited edition, autographed hardcover version of the book will be available for Christmas 2011 and a softcover version will be released next year.

Thomas has put together three previous photo books, depicting the rich history of Owen Sound.


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