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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time For Troops to Return

Regional | by John Divinski  

Retired Major General says it's about time Canadian soldiers return from Afghanistan.

Canada's troops in Afghanistan are starting to come home after serving for years in combat mode in the beleaguered country.

As family and friends welcome home the military there is a retired "warrior" as he calls himself who is glad to see the troops come home as well.

Retired Major-General Richard Rohmer -- arguably the most decorated citizen in Canada -- tells Bayshore Broadcasting News, he's had a real problem putting his mind around what we were doing in Afghanistan in the first place.

Rohmer -- who lives in Collingwood -- suggests that question has bothered a lot of people over the years.

The celebrated soldier, who is also a lawyer and accomplished author says it certainly was time for our troops to come home and to remove us from a kind of war which really defies rationale as to why we were there.


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